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ImageWearable sensors for at-home rehabilitation or detection of an irregular heartbeat... An EU-funded project is training students to transform healthcare in today's hyperconnected world, helping them harness the power of technology to keep patients out of hospital, cut costs and even save lives.
ImageUsing advances in electronics and software, a team of EU-funded researchers is developing new ways to control upper limb prosthetics. Their goal is to improve and facilitate the everyday lives of amputees.
ImageYour response to a drug depends, in part, on your genetic make-up. An EU-funded project is developing a system to help doctors take into account a patient's genotype when prescribing treatment, for safer and more effective therapy.
ImageAfter cardiovascular diseases, cancer is the second leading cause of death and morbidity in European countries and is one of the most significant health challenges worldwide. An EU-funded project is developing new tools for diagnosing cancer and for understanding the role of proteins in this and other major diseases.

The European Commission's Scientific Panel for Health (SPH) is a science-led expert group based on the provisions of the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme, which is tasked with helping to achieve better health and wellbeing for all.

The Panel’s main roles are to provide foresight and overall vision and strategy, as well as, to identify bottlenecks to innovation and propose solutions in the area of health and biomedical research.

Based on interactions with stakeholders during conferences and workshops, the Scientific Panel for Health set out a vision for the future of health and biomedical research in two consensus documents: ‘Better Research for Better Health’ in 2016, and a proposal ‘Building the Future of Health Research’ in 2018.

Both documents are available through the SPH website.

From further stakeholders’ consultation important topics were identified that will be the focus of the next forum to be organized with the European Commission on May 6, 2019 in Brussels: ‘Enabling health equality in Europe – the role of health research’.

The forum explores the current situation, barriers in participation and engagement with health research, and ways forward.

The SPH wishes to build an ambitious future for health research in Europe.

The forum with the European Commission is an opportunity to participate in the debate to which you are warmly invited.

The full program will be published shortly, but please, already save the date in your agenda.

For more information, please contact the SPH secretariat at SPH@p-95.com

ImageAn EU-funded project is developing software, based on artificial intelligence, that enables robots to more effectively interact with autistic children in human-led therapy sessions, helping to improve their social and communication skills.
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is directly linked to sanitary conditions and the population’s general state of health: the better the sanitation, the lower the problem of AMR.
ImageEuropean science is missing out on talent as leadership positions remain predominantly occupied by men. To challenge this gender imbalance, an EU-funded project is helping research institutes support female staff in their research career and encouraging work-life balance.
ImageAn EU and industry-funded project has developed new patient-centred tools and approaches to help people with chronic obstructive respiratory disease (CODP) get more personalised treatments - a means to boost their activity levels, health and well-being.

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